Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5 update - deadline passed - theft charges being pursued by the Police

The July 31 deadline to Viking Marine International came and went. Angelina and Bo have now had my US $4000 deposit for over 15 months, and even though they received multiple demands to either deliver the boat lift ordered in April 2010, or return the deposit sent then, they did neither.

So, I have played nice until now - some said I was foolish to give Viking Marine the benefit of doubt for well over a year.
Regardless, at this point I am done with requesting anything from Viking Marine, including the boat lift.

This now moves to a recovery of stolen property phase - I am resorting to all police and legal means to have my $4000 deposit recovered from Viking Marine International.

Our great Montgomery County Texas Sheriffs department ( is pursuing a criminal investigation per the formal theft charge against Viking Marine International.
I understand that the Texas Sheriffs will work with the Hamilton Ontario Police department (, where Angelina and Bo are located.

I am optimistic that justice will prevail in the end, especially following a knock on Viking's door from the police .......

In the interum, we shall be placing numerous adverts in Hamilton area newspapers, giving those folks a "heads-up" on our Viking Boat Lift experience - these will run online, and in the following printed newspapers later this month:
  • Hamilton Spectator
  • Ancaster News
  • Dundas Star News
  • Hamilton Mountain News
  • Stoney Creek News 

Look for them at a newstand near you!


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