Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6 - still no reply or refund from Viking - notified the media

I tried calling Viking per my weekly call, and still get the full mailbox so I can't leave voicemail. I tried faxing and it does not work either - likely a full fax machine memory/out of paper. I sent another email to them requesting my refund.

I do want to say that for the past year I have never been threatening, demanding, etc in all the communications with Viking - I gave them the benefit of doubt countless times, and urged them to contact me as at the end of the day a satisfied customer is much more of an asset to a company, than a disgruntled one.

However, since they continue to ignore me (their website was recently updated with a new testimonial), or return my $4000 deposit, I changed stance, and now am actively telling folks to make an informed decision based on my experience.

I just sent emails to numerous Canadian television stations - I'm optimistic one or more of them will pick this up as a news item since so many folks are experiencing the same issue I am.

I also gave a "heads-up" to a few more online threads where folks were considering Viking lifts:

And I posted a "heads-up" to this consumer board -

Next e-stop - the Hamilton police station to file a fraud report against Viking, similar to the one Serg did 2 weeks ago per the below Performance Boats thread.


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