Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 update - demand letter received by Viking, more consumers warned

As directed by the Police, we sent a formal demand letter to Viking Marine:

  • Deliver the lift, or return our deposit, by July 31 2011.

At that point, it will be 15 months since we sent in our deposit, for a boat lift promised in "4 to 6 weeks".

Per Fedex tracking, the demand letter was received this morning by Viking Marine - signed for by Angelina.

So, now we wait some more.....

In the interum, we continue to caution others of our misfortune:



  1. July 19 How have you prgresses with your contact with Viking since your last post July 13.
    We have been waiting over 2 years for our lift to be delivered and installed.
    After getting nowhere and numerous emails and calls unanswered, our legal council wrote a letter requesting a firm date.
    No response from Viking.
    Today we have gone to the police.
    We have a file opened with reference # VA11-113244.
    Anyone in Canada can also start their own file, and in doing so should reference our file #.
    We would have signed on to Serg's fraud claim but he closed it as I read he got his lift!
    Wonder why Viking is delivering out of sequence of order? Serg ordered this past May.
    Our next step is taking action thru small claims. We want our lift installed immediately or our deposit returned.
    I would love to clap my hands in glee to getting our lift. Perhaps I will be able to close our file with the police and I can write a happy ending to this mess.

  2. Hi Jean, nice to hear from you, and sorry to hear you are in a worse situation than we are!

    Glad to see you are following a similar path to us i.e. enough being nice to Viking Marine.

    We are in wait mode until August 1 2011, having provided Viking Marine with one last chance to either deliver our lift, or refund our deposit.

    Keep in touch, and keep us informed as to your progress!

    Thanks! Keith.